Covid and Allergy Reactions

Advice has been issued concerning the increased risk of allergic reaction for people who have either had Covid, or have had a vaccination.

As a sensible precaution we will be carrying out skin tests on all clients requiring colours applied directly to the scalp. This short 5 minute test must take place 48 hours before colour is applied and can be arranged when you make an appointment.

You may feel that this is not really necessary and does not apply to you. If you were to see the outcome of an allergic reaction like this, you would think differently. Let's stay safe!

Working Safely during the Pandemic.

We are delighted to be opening our salon once more. Thank you to everyone for your messages of support during this period. We look forward with interest to seeing and hearing how you’ve got on in the past months!

We realise that many of you, although eager, maybe worried about visiting the salon. Quite frankly, we are little nervous ourselves too!

We will be following the best practice guidelines as provided by the Government, and also those provided by industry leaders L’Oreal and Redken based on the experience they have gained from helping salons reopen across Europe.


We know, you know, there will be a lot of catching up to do initially. We will be ringing round all our regular clients to make the first appointment. We will try to get to everyone as quickly as possible, and may limit the range of services at the start. We will be working extra days to facilitate this.

We will still be taking phone appointments for new and existing clients. But please realise that we will not always be able to get to the phone, so do please always leave a message and we will get back to you when we can. Sometimes that might be later that evening or even the next morning.

Let's stay safe

We are so sorry to have to put all these stringent measures in place. It does deflect a little from the friendly, comfortable but professional atmosphere we like to offer. Sadly Covid-19 is still a very real and very dangerous threat to all. We are grateful that we have all reached this point safely. We want to do everything we can to keep you, and ourselves safe. We hope that you will respect that, and the other clients in the salon.


We are making many changes within salon to facilitate social distancing. Only 3 stylist will be able to work in the salon at the same time, and they will be working exclusively with the one client throughout the appointment. There will only be 2 basins used for shampooing. These two basins will have a new Perspex screen between them.

Hygiene and thorough handwashing have been key in helping in the fight against Covid-19. We will be providing professional, WHO approved, hand-gel sanitisers around the salon, including the entrance and the work stations.

All of us will be undertaking L’Oreal’s Hygiene and Safety e-learning course which has been specifically developed as a result of the pandemic.

We will be wearing visor masks and ask that all clients also wear face masks.

The $100 question, how can you cut hair and stand 2 metres away?! You can’t! But we will be positioning ourselves to ensure that as much distancing as possible can be achieved.

We will not be talking as much! Hard for a hairdresser! Especially when we are in close proximity. We will stand back to talk and discuss your hair.

We will be allocating time between appointments so that the workstation can be completely wiped down and our haircutting equipment cleaned and disinfected.

Where possible we will be using disposable gowns and towels, when this is not practical, towels and gowns will be freshly laundered for each client (as we have always done – but now using an even hotter wash)

Our full range of services will still be available, although in the initial stages we will be limiting the amount we do in each session, so we can get round to everybody as quickly as possible.

Opening hours will remain the same but we will now also be open on Tuesdays.



All clients are requested to wear a facemask at all times. Please remember to bring your own mask with you.


The welcome seating area by the door, will no longer be in use. Instead we ask clients to wait in their cars up until the time of their appointment. We do ask Please that you arrive on time for your appointment, this will help us to keep everyone distanced and safe.

Sorry, it sounds rude but we can longer take your coat and hang it up. We ask that wherever possible you leave coats and bags locked in your car. There will be a few hooks available in the lobby. But please bring as little as possible into the salon.

Please always use the hand-gel sanitiser in the lobby, then ring the bell and wait for us to open the new electric door for you.

As per the best practice recommendations each client will have their temperature taken on arrival, with a non-contact thermometer. We are sorry but we have to reduce the risk for customers and staff, so we cannot allow anyone with a temperature into the salon.


Oh dear! It’s so difficult to say all these things. But we can no longer offer complimentary drinks. If you think you will need one, please bring a bottle of water, or drink of your choice! with you.

Nor will there be magazines or newspapers available (sorry). You are welcome to bring your own, and remember we have Wifi to help you connect your mobile or tablet.


We are still happy to accept payment and gratuities in cash, as we know this would be preferred by many of you. Card payment is of course also available. The main change is that we will organise this with you at the workstaton rather than the reception desk.

Disposal bins

There will be non-touch bins available for the disposal of gloves, single use masks, your newspapers etc.

And finally…..

The cloakroom, the powder room, WC, loo, lav, toilet, whatever you want to call it! There is no delicate way of putting will be available but Please only use it if absolutely necessary! – We will not be able to get to clean it after each use, but we also realise you will want it available. Thank you!