About Hair

It’s all about the quality of hair. In its natural state, hair unwashed and untreated, will generate protein and moisture. It’s the protein that gives it strength and the moisture, shine and manageability.

What we do with our hair, through the use of shampoos, conditioners, drying, straightening, curling affects the quality.

Hair is formed of three main parts, the cuticle, the cortex and the medulla. It’s the cuticle which protects the cortex. If the cuticle is damaged hair will loose it’s shine and the cortex will become porous, making the hair sensitised , prone to splitting and difficult to manage.

The cuticle can be damaged by heat, sun and silicone build up. Found in many low quality shampoos, silicone will initially give hair that silky shine, feeling squeaky clean. But washing time and again causes silicone build up and hair becomes dull and brittle, so you start using straighteners, washing more frequently…..and then you come to us.

Hair can be repaired through a process of cleansing, removing all the silicon, then assessed to see what treatment is required. Does it need more protein, does it need more moisture, or a balance of both. We can help and advise you about the steps and treatment that we would recommend.

Easy manageable hair is good quality hair. It’s all about the quality.


Colour is make up for the hair. But colour is different for each individual. It’s not about the colour on the label, it’s about the colour of your hair plus the colour on the label.

Hair colour is affected by skin colour. The colour of your hair will change with time, as you get older your skin tone will lighten as will your hair colour. Hair is also naturally lighter at the front than at the back.

In its simplest form you can be lighter, darker or brighter. Consultation is key. Do you want semi-permanent colour which will wash out normally after 6-8 weeks , or permanent colour which requires a commitment to maintain, as the roots grow out they too will need to be coloured to blend. Highlighting is the most popular solution as it creates a multi-tonal effect, giving a more natural look, reduces regrowth and is hugely flexible.

But colouring can cause damage and affect the quality of your hair. In particular care should be taken not to colour on colour. We will consult with you, helping you to find the balance you are looking for. We use visual aids, photos and our experience to help describe the outcome.

Colour should be fun and make you feel good about your hair.


The key word with hair cutting is personalise. It’s not about the quality of the scissors, but the ability of your stylist to understand your needs. It’s as much about the face as it is about the hair, the two must complement each other. Hair quality and colour must be taken into account. No two cuts are the same. It’s not always possible to copy a style exactly as it’s shown in a magazine, but we can take that style and adapt it so it will suit you, and create that look for you as an individual.

Cutting is about creating shape. The cut is based on the quality of the hair and what it will take or do.

We are always delighted to create a look for a special day such as wedding or birthday, but we cut for the long term, so you can go to work, rush around, go home shower and it will still look as good every day. We take into account your lifestyle and how much time you like to spend on your hair.

We keep up to date with the current trends, through education and trade publications. There are always new ideas and techniques to adopt, but experience is the greatest teacher. We use that experience to help and advise you on all aspects of your hair care.

At Frances Anne it’s all about the quality.